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About Minerals Black Tie

Minerals Black Tie is a capsule collection of cosmetic enhancers designed exclusively for men by board certified dermatologist, Dr. Janine Hopkins.

Inspired by a coterie of trend-setting, fashion forward male friends, Dr. Hopkins launched this unique Cosmetic Collection for Gentlemen in 2016. The next step in grooming for men, Dr. Hopkins’ mineral based grooming tools deliver succinct products that accent, polish and enhance.

The Minerals Black Tie Collection includes Eye Openers for lashes and an effective, yet subtle Brow Gel. In addition Minerals Black Tie offers a complete line of Tinted Primers and Finishing Powders which are appropriate for any age, skin type and ethnicity and are designed to eliminate shine for a day full of confidence. Organic Cheek and Lip Balms add a provocative color boost at night.

After intense market research and concept development, Dr. Hopkins and her team worked with ingredient specialists and a premier U.S. manufacturer to create the Minerals Black Tie collection, the next generation in grooming, using highly purified organic minerals to enhance the natural beauty of the skin.

By offering healthy, skin enhancing products that work hand in hand with existing skin care regimens for enlightened, fashion forward men, Dr. Hopkins invites you to Be Healthy. Be Original. Be Bold.

Minerals Black Tie by Dr. Janine Hopkins consists of a well-edited and easy-to-use next-level collection of men’s grooming tools.

  • For occasional breakouts or to minimize redness, MD Magic Concealer sets the tone for healthy-looking skin. Dab. Boom. Gone.
  • Earthy shades of Tinted Primers and Finishing Powders match any skin tone to perfection and are formulated with a built-in natural sun protection. No shine. No shimmer. No pores. Just great face.
  • Baked Mineral Bronzers are easy to add to your daily routine and give a natural glow to the face with minimum effort. It’s like a trip to St. Barths without the sun damage. Yes, please.
  • Be bold and look refreshed with eye-opening Lash Enhancers and Brow Gels. The perfect perk me up for tired-looking eyes. Hello.
  • Organic Cheek and Lip Balms give subtle, easy to apply hints of color with anti-oxidant rich formulations. Afterglow.

Designed to complement your existing skin care regimen, Minerals Black Tie by Dr. Janine Hopkins is the next step in personal grooming for the enlightened, fashion forward man. Unapologetic.

Be Healthy. Be Original. Be Bold.